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Woven Stripes Wrapping Paper and Tags from Minted

I'm pleased to share my new personalizable and very versatile wrapping paper design for minted.

Use them and the matching tags and stickers for everything from the grandchildren's easter gifts to bridesmaid presentsor  tokens of teacher appreciation.



It's here! I'm not sure yet whether it will be profitable enough to maintain, but get over to R&B Consignments at 270 The Lynnway in Lynn to check out my booth (E) and all the other fun and funky stuff my booth-mates have on offer. I won't be hosting a grand opening as soon as I anticipated because I just had back surgery (yay! - really, it's a good thing), but I will definitely do something early this spring. FOUND's Hours are 10-5 everyday but monday. xoxo. Let me know if you plan to drop by and I will try to meet you.



How cool would it be if your closet was magically replaced by your pins? Sometimes I think about that kind of stuff when I should be doing the dishes. Or changing the world.

What is that apple almond butter sandwich doing in there? Don't ask me.


Happy 2014!

Wishing you and your loved ones growth and great joy! (This is coming a little late since we all had the flu over the holiday-- so I'm crossing my fingers for good health in the new year.)


flipagram is fun - and beautiful

Since we were all sick over vacation, the entire event felt a little like moving through molasses. More screen was consumed by all than I am proud of but . . . I found this excellent iPhone app called flipagram that allows you to create and score mini Instagram-friendly slide shows.

I've made several (addictive):

But there are a bunch out there that are stunning, like this one by Chinese photographer Trevor Tan (http://instagram.com/trevortht) and featured on the app's Instagram feed.

Pretty and hypnotic.

(Flipagram comes with a flipagram watermark In the lower right hand corner. For 1.99 you can customize it. But it always revert back to flipagram so you need To remember to change it each time. You can access free music clips through the find music button. Or use your own music that isn't copyright protected.)

Show me your flipagrams!


Childrens Art Challenge Winners

In my book at least. Take a look at this playful, spare and skilled approach to children's decor.

For information about the artists, click through to this pin board over at minted.

Or check out their websites here (clockwise, top left):
1. Olivia of Wondercloud Design  2. Stacey Meacham 3. Oscar & Emma 4&7. b.wise papers and 6. Heather Francisco


Last chance to vote!

If you haven't yet taken a look at and hopefully rated my holiday design offerings to the minted holiday challenge-- it's your last chance!! Voting ends tonight at midnight (pacific time), so what are you waiting for! And these aren't mine, but I wish they were. . .

Minted West Elm Art Challenge

I entered several photos taken this February in Costa Rica into the Minted/West Elm art challenge. Winning designs will be sold in West Elm stores or on minted.com. Check them out and vote for them if you like!

Etsy Shop Reopened-- Now featuring Personalized Stationery

I'm back! After 3 weeks recovering from neck surgery (more about that later) I have reopened my etsy shop and added some exciting new items. My first set of Personalized Stationery includes hand watercolored motifs in bold, jewel-like colors and printed on luxe, thick bamboo paper. Take a look!

 Coming soon-- kids' stationery-- perfect for thank you notes and letters to Nana!


Confetti Delight Style Board featuring Minted Baby Announcement

I adore Minted's incredible selection of birth announcements, shower invitations, and customizable wall art. All their designs are created by indie designers who bring fresh perspective and deliver ahead of the curve designs.
FYI, I receive a small affiliate percentage for any purchase made after clicking through these links, but am not paid in any other way for posting about minted.
I just like them (and have some of my own designs for sale with them as well!). Enjoy my style board featuring Kristie Kern's fun confetti announcement. For more info about and links to the photos featured in the style board, go to my confetti pinboard.Confetti Delight by hannahcloud DESIGN, see more birth announcements

Be sure not to miss Minted's fresh and lively limited edition pieces of art, many of which are customizable. I gathered a few of my favorites below. Artists, clockwise from top: Kerry Doyle of Paper Dahlia, ERay, Pistols, and Moglea. Click through to see them larger and in multiple colorways!

Kids Wall have more Fun by hannahcloud DESIGN, see more Minted art prints



Inspiration board for Chalkboard Photo Booth Save the Date


Oh Baby. . .Birth Announcements!

I designed several birth announcements for minted's latest challenge. I have to say, the blue ribbon is my favorite. And truly, it was a relief to break from all the holiday stuff, which for stationery designers starts in June! Here are my favorites. Would love your vote!

Find Your Holiday Card Here!

I've got a ton of Holiday Cards up in my etsy shop. And, if you don't find the card of your dreams there, contact me about a custom card! Use the code "Thanks" for 20% off customization costs!


Save the Date and Goodnight.

Just had a ton of fun designing several Save the Dates for the latest Minted challenge. The voting is open until Thursday, and I would appreciate your input if you have a chance!

Hope everyone had a somewhat restful holiday.Our first day back to school, plus sports, plus playdate and spelling homework is ending right now with a giant two-boy powered meltdown. I'm thankful that John is coping with it.

hannahcloud Save the Dates by hannahcloud DESIGN, see more save the dates on Minted


A Joy-Filled Inspiration Board

Inspired Holiday by hannahcloud DESIGN, see more Minted.com

Inspired Holiday board by hannahcloud DESIGN. See more Minted.com


Links: Hannah Anderrson PJs, Land of Nod Garland and Candy Cane Ornaments, Sam the Duck, Cocoa Photo

For more inspiration see my pinterest board.